Saturday, September 18, 2010

Meat Erin

What better way to introduce myself than by the contents of my freezer?

I have been meaning to start a food/cooking blog for months, spurred on by the birth of my best friend's fashion blog (check out Style by Santina) and the death of a long term relationship.  I am definitely a meat lover, but as you will learn, despite the many pounds of animal flesh residing in my freezer, I also love the garden-grown variety of edibles.

The beef you are viewing is from 6 Ranch in Enterprise Oregon.  I have purchased beef with coworkers from the ranch for a few years now.  I try to ration the beef through the year as it is some of the tastiest beef I have ever eaten.

I took pictures of some of the better meals I have cooked in the past month or so.  I will post those meals, along with recipes, then hopefully get into the habit of posting meals both cooked by me and cooked by others in Portland.

Bon appetit.

1 comment:

  1. Yes!!! Despite our differences in dietary preferences I am thrilled to see the blog up and running, and what a fabulous first post! Love the title. Perfect introduction and even though the contents make me want to cry for the fallen cow, I have to say your freezer is looking mighty clean and organized. I'm not surprised!

    Seriously, this just made my day!