Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pionnier des boulangeries bagel a Montreal

Montreal is apparently famous for their bagels.  There is said to be a rivalry between New York City and Montreal over whose bagels are better.  Since bagels are pretty delicious, I decided to check out one of the top bagel bakeries in Montreal: Fairmount Bagel.

Fairmount Bagel is located in the Mile End neighborhood, an area that unfortunately for me does not feature a Metro stop.  I took the Metro as close as possible and walked the rest of the way.  Normally, I do not mind walking, but the weather was windy and cold (28F).  I got a bit turned around leaving the Metro station, and my walk to Fairmount Bagel, which would not have been exactly short to begin with, ended up taking about a half hour.  When I rounded the corner and saw Fairmount Bagel and the associated line (see picture above), my first thought was 'forget bagels'.  I was way too cold to stand still in line, and I had no idea how fast the line would move.  

But I didn't give up so quickly.  I had come all that way out to Mile End, and I figured I may as well check out the neighborhood.  After walking around a bit and spending some time in shops warming up, I was ready to go back and brave the line.  I lucked out, and when I returned there was almost no line.  In no time, I had seen the tiny inside of the shop, briefly watched this guy roll bagels, and purchased a dozen and some cream cheese.

I pulled a sesame seed bagel out of the bag the instant I hit the street.  It was still warm from the oven.  How did it stack up against NY bagels, you ask?  The exterior of the bagel is very good.  I like the sweetness that comes from boiling them in honey water, and the wood fire baking results in a delicious crust.  The inside is light and chewy.  This may have merit for some people, but I like my bagels dense.  

When I got back to my hotel I sat down for a proper bagel with cream cheese.

It was pretty damn delicious.  Perhaps I could get used to a lighter, chewier interior?

Bon appetit.

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