Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend with Mom - Hiking and Little Bird

My mom and I woke up Sunday morning knowing we were going to hike but not quite sure where we wanted to go.  We decided on Salmon Butte, a 9 mile hike with 3500' elevation gain.  My mom had suggested the hike on Saturday, but I shot it down right away after she said "3000' elevation gain".  But for some reason, I was up for an adventure.  It was a very difficult, but absolutely gorgeous hike.  

Unfortunately snow prevented us from making it all the way to the summit of Salmon Butte, or maybe it was fortunate; we saved probably 500' or so of elevation and 2 miles.  The hike ended up to be 10 miles exactly (why are hiking books so often wrong on mileage?), and the hard work on the way up was worth the reward of an easy trot down.

We were very tired after our hike, so we relaxed at home and watched the Giants beat the Indians while waiting for the time to leave for dinner.  

I was delighted when my mom was excited about going to Little Bird  when I sent her a link to the website last week.  Little Bird is a restaurant I have never been to but had been hoping to try for a while.

Our first course was a charcuterie consisting of, starting at 6 o'clock, pickled fennel, pork rillette, pistachio truffle sausage, foie gras brûlée with apricot jam on toast, Saucisson d’Alsace (from Olympic Provisions), and in the middle, duck terrine.  Every item on the plate was spectacular, but the foie gras stole the show, in my opinion.  The sweet and salty flavors and the combination of textures was just fantastic.  

The other appetizer was roasted marrow bones with olive and citrus tapenade.  Neither of us were expecting the bones to come like this; we were thinking they would be cut the other way, into circles.  The only marrow I have eaten is with Osso Bucco, and I love it.  This particular dish, with the olive and citrus tapenade on top, was delicious.

We ordered grilled lamb belly with peas, mint, whipped crème fraîche and grilled Trout with almond purée and green bean salad to share for the entree.  Very tasty, especially the trout.  It was grilled to perfection. 

We cleaned the plates on everything we ordered and were quite full when the waitress asked us if we would like to see the dessert menu.  I like to check out the menu even if I know I am not going to order dessert.  The first item on the list was lavender crème brûlée with riesling strawberries.  I don't even really like crème brûlée, but something came over me that I really wanted it.  Riesling strawberries just sounded so good.

This crème brûlée was the best crème brûlée I have ever had, and one of the best desserts I have ever had.  It was light with the faintest hint of lavender.  We (and by we I mean mostly me) practically licked the serving dish.

Oh, and I can't forget to mention the painting of the owl.  Right when we walked into Little Bird, my mom commented on how creepy the owl is and how it was staring at her.  The table we were given was about eye level with the painting, and my mom was sitting facing it.  The owl stared her down the whole meal.

Bon appetit.


  1. I love everything about this post except for the part about the Giants beating the Indians. GRRR.

    Favorite bits:

    - "I shot it down right away after she said "3000' elevation gain"."
    - "I don't even really like crème brûlée, but something came over me that I really wanted it."
    - "The owl stared her down the whole meal."

    Sounds like such a nice time to share with your mom. Send her my love.

  2. Glad you like it :)

    My mom mentioned you during our hike (my mom always asks about you). The area we were in is the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness, and my mom said we need S around to tell us where the huckleberries are.