Monday, February 27, 2012

Brunch at Screen Door

Happy Monday, loyal readers. I yet again have the problem that I really haven't been cooking enough to blog about cooking. Thank goodness that even when I am not cooking, I am still eating. So here are some pictures of a brunch that Santina and I shared at Screen Door back in January. 

There is a lot of good food and great restaurants in Portland. It's so hard to say that any one restaurant is my favorite, but if I really had to pick, it would be Screen Door. I went for the first time for the first birthday I spent in Portland back in 2006. My little sister was visiting, and for a birthday present she picked out a restaurant for dinner and took me there. That restaurant was Screen Door, and at the time it was the hot new place to go. That dinner, and every meal I have had at Screen Door since, was perfection.

Screen Door was also one of Santina's favorite spots when she lived in Portland, so we decided to brunch there. A handy thing about living two blocks away like I do is that I can put my name in, then head home to drink mimosas until I am called back to my table. That's exactly what Santina and I did.

I was thrilled to see lemon sticky buns as a special at brunch, so I ordered that and the breakfast corndogs. Delish. Santina got something with eggs. Ew. She liked it though, so that's good.

If you're ever in Portland, try Screen Door.

Bon appetit.

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