Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chicken Shawarma and Work

You may have noticed, readers, that I have really been putting an effort into posting more often.  I have even been taking pictures of thrown-together meals in case I am short a post or two.  But sometimes life, and by life I mostly mean work, gets in the way.

Take tonight for example.  I do have a couple dinners I cooked that I could write about this evening, but I am currently, at 8.06pm, at my desk in the office finishing up a report that needs to get tonight.  (Why am I writing a blog post when I need to get a report out tonight is a subject I am not going to go into right now.)  I am worried that between real life (OMSI After Dark tomorrow night, yay!) and work life (staying late in the office), I won't be able to post any real meals this week.

Instead, I will post the dinner I am right now scarfing down.  A chicken shawarma plate from a cart on SW 5th between Oak and Stark, conveniently directly across the street from to front door of my office building, that has the word Arabian in its name.  I have never eaten food from this cart before, and it is delicious and a crapload of food.  All for $7.

Okay, back to work.  Wait, first a note.  I believe this is the first time chicken, or any poultry, has been featured on Princeton Eats Portland.  I find chicken repulsive in general.  It is not the taste, but the disgustingness of the chicken industry that gets me.  Remind me to rant on that later.

Bon appetit.


  1. Did I ever tell you that I couldn't eat chicken for about four years? I just woke up one day and it repulsed me. I'm back on the chicken wagon these days, though. But I'm sure reading a post about why you hate chicken will toss me right off again.

    Hope work is treating you okay. Been a busy week over here, too.

  2. I'm impressed by your dedication, Erin. I'm also still laughing over the fact that someone most likely overheard our entire conversation (or should I say phone party?) last night!

  3. S1 - I don't remember you not eating chicken. This was post-college? I will eat it sometimes, but mostly when I am out. I haven't purchased chicken in I don't know how long.

    S2 - I know! Here I am, sitting at my desk having a phone party and removing nail polish, and a coworker is in the office! Oops.

  4. I'm really picky about eating chicken. It tastes fine, but it's really easy for me to get weirded out about it. Or any meat for that matter. I'm picky. :)

  5. Totally understandable, Adiel.

  6. Yes, post college. Just started eating chicken again this year. While it doesn't make me recoil in physical disgust anymore, I still get a little skeeved out when I eat it.

    Stupid chicken though. It's so cheap!

    And J has flat out denied my suggestion that we get a beef, or a 1/4 beef or whatever. He says, "We don't live in MT." And I say, "Neither does Erin! But she does it!"

    Even THAT hasn't convinced him!

  7. What is J's reasoning that you shouldn't get share a cow with some friends?

    I love knowing that the beef I eat came from a nice ranch in Eastern Oregon, got to roam around and eat grass, and most importantly, tastes delicious. AND is overall cheaper than beef from the store. I bet you could find a nice ranch relatively nearby.

  8. Well, um, we don't so much have the FRIENDS part. But I think he's also concerned about a) cost and b) room in our freezer. I'll keep working on him.

    My parents used to buy a half beef every year from a little 4-H kid at the fair. Which means that we KNEW THE BEEF'S NAME. That's a little too much info, you know?