Monday, August 15, 2011

Princeton Eats SF: a food Saturday - Lunch

After Santina and I finished up our shopping at Marc and poking our heads into a couple other shops on Fillmore, it was time to meet up with Ben and head to lunch.  

Tony's was the name, pizza was the game.  (Did I really just write that?  I am quite tired.)  Seriously, Tony's is the best pizza I have ever had.  Or maybe I have just been away from the east coast for so long that I have forgotten what good pizza tastes like.  Either way, it was amazing.  I ate way too much and loved every bite.  We got three pizzas:  a Sicilian margherita, an American style primavera (pesto sauce, cheese, fresh tomato, and fresh burrata), and a coal fired original pie with cheese.  It's so hard to say which was the best because they were all so different and so good in their own ways, but I am going to have to make a call: the coal fired was the best.  So good that we ate it before I remembered to take a picture.

Full to the brim, Santina and I took off for more shopping, this time at Zara in Union Square.  It wasn't quite the extravaganza that Marc was.  After eating so much and running around all day, the reality of my hangover exhaustion was setting in.  We both managed to find and purchase some good stuff, but we needed to get home and rest up for the next feast.

Tomorrow's post:  Dinner.

Bon appetit.


  1. I am so, so happy that you liked Tony's! I know that when people ask Ben and I about good pizza that there are high expectations given how much we both love it!

    Mmmm, it really is a shame that you forgot your leftovers (though while I ate them for lunch the next day I wasn't feeling too bad) because the Sicilian almost got better.

    Can't wait to see our sushi feast!

  2. I took by far the most pictures at sushi, so it should be a better post than breakfast and lunch.

    I dream of being able to eat Tony's whenever I want. It ruined Portland pizza for me. I knew Portland pizza sucked, but it's been so long since I had good pizza that I could lie to myself that it wasn't that bad.

  3. This part made me giggle: "Tony's was the name, pizza was the game. (Did I really just write that? I am quite tired.) "

    Also...mmmmmmm pizza...

  4. You would love the coal fired one, S. The sauce is super smooth, so no tomato chunks to pick out.