Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Princeton Eats SF: a food Saturday - Breakfast

Whenever I see two of my best friends, Ben and Santina, I know that some serious eating will be involved.  My trip to SF last weekend was no exception.  It started with huge greasy slices of pizza Ben and I got between the bars we hit up right after I got into town late Friday night and continued almost until I hugged Santina goodbye in SoMa.

Most of the eating occurred on Saturday.  There was so much eating that I have divided the day into three posts.  It was just too long otherwise.

Saturday began with Santina rushing a slightly (more than slightly?) hungover me out the door to begin shopping.  But I was not about to start shopping until I had some food in my queasy stomach.  We went to a wonderful French bakery up the street from their apartment, Patisserie Delanghe, where we had our fill of pastries.

The feast shown above consists of, beginning with the croissant at the bottom of the picture and moving clockwise is:  plain croissant, boysenberry bread pudding, morning bun, almond croissant, and blueberry cream cheese danish.  Everything was spectacular, but the boysenberry bread pudding was the star.  It was one of the lightest bread puddings I have had, and the crust on the top was perfect.

After our breakfast, Santina and I went a little crazy at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store.  I am loving all the jewelry I bought, and you readers of Style by Santina?  Get prepared for some amazing items that Santina snagged.

Tomorrow's post: Lunch

Bon appetit.


  1. I am so excited to see a "Princeton Eats SF" series! Hopefully I'll see these (and you) more often!

    I know I was pushing to skip breakfast, but I'm really happy you and Ben convinced me to grab a few (if you can claim to have been slightly hungover, I can say "a few") pastries. It's kind of dangerous that this place is so close to my apartment...but not as dangerous as the Marc store!

  2. I don't know about the relative danger levels of Patisserie Delanghe and the Marc store. I might rather be poor than fat(ter).

  3. Mmmmm. I am drooling at the thought of boysenberry bread pudding. Man, your idea of hangover food has sure come a long way from a calzone at the student center. :-)

  4. I'd still take a hangover calzone from the student center! I can't remember if calzones were even available once the Frist student center opened. I moved on to baked ziti. :)

    Those were the days.