Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Go Giants (and a taco bowl)

*** Updated with pictures.  Not much to show for this meal, but I feel like a beef post isn't complete without some raw meat ***

Apparently I can't upload pictures this evening, so I'll tell you about my dinner last night sans-photos and add some later.  But first I must express my excitement about the San Francisco Giants win versus the Phillies tonight (and yesterday for that matter).  I love the Giants.  My mom grew up in the Bay Area as a Giants fan, and all through my childhood, Giants games were on the radio all summer.  They haven't been in the World Series since the fall of my senior year of college (2002), and if they can get one more win, they're in!  GO GIANTS!

Back to food.  I again returned home from work yesterday tired and hungry.  I again walked in my kitchen and looked around at the limited options.  I knew I could hold off on food for a bit, so I decided on a "taco bowl".  I defrosted and cooked some ground beef, made rice, opened a can of Muir Glen diced tomatoes with green chilies, and shredded cheese.  I layered the ingredients in a bowl along with a couple slices of pickled jalepenos on top, and, voila, my dinner.  The taco bowl is one of my standard I-don't-know-what-to-make dinners.  I always have ground beef, rice, and canned tomatoes in the house.

I should mention that what makes this dinner so good is quality ingredients.  The ground beef is from the cow I purchased from 6 Ranch. A friend of mine came over once while I was in the middle of cooking ground beef.  He commented that it must be some really good beef because it smells like steak.  I think that's a pretty good commendation of ground beef! And I always buy Muir Glen organic canned tomatoes. They just taste better to me than other canned tomatoes.  I particularly like to have the fire roasted tomatoes with green chilies on hand because it's almost like a salsa.  It gives good flavor to my taco bowls :)

Bon appetit.

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